Massa-Gate, the New Evidence

Image by Haydar Turkhan

Image by Haydar Turkhan

Sunday 25th July 2010 was a dark day in the history of Formula One. Germany’s Hockenheim Ring was the scene of a blatent abuse of the Sporting Code when Ferrari’s Felipe Massa, who had been leading for much of the race, was radioed by his engineer, Rob Smedley, with a thinly veiled instruction to allow team mate and championship pretender Fernando Alonso to pass.

A small part of this now infamous conversation was broadcast during the live coverage of the race. This is what we heard, “Fernando is quicker than you, do you understand what that means?”

When brought before the FIA on a charge of bringing the sport into disrepute, Ferrari were found “not guilty” due to a lack of evidence. However, a former Federation Compliance Officer, based at Maranello, has now released a full transcript of the conversation which, at the time, was not available due to the official cassette recorder needing its head cleaning:-


RS = Rob Smedley

FML = Felipe Massa

FA = Fernando Alonso

RS: (to FML) “Fernando…. is faster…… than you…… Do you understand what that means?”


RS: “…. I know that he hasn’t been able to overtake you, but he is faster ….”

still silence

RS: “And even though you’re in the lead, if you let him pass, we have a good chance of winning ….”

more silence

RS: “…. and Luca says you can sit next to the window on the way home ….”

still more silence

RS: “….So mate, can you confirm you understood that message?”

even more silence

RS:”….Felipe . . . ?”

FML: “Tell him I want his Woody doll!”

stunned silence

RS: “Repeat?”

FML: “I want his Woody doll”

RS: (to FA) “Er, Fernando, Felipe understands that you need to pass but he has a request …. he wants your Woody doll ….”

FA:”…. Qué?”

RS: “He wants your Woody doll

FA:”Tell eem to f*ck off! Tell eem I am quicker dan ee eez”

RS: “Felipe, you need to understand that Fernando is quicker than you”

FML: “If he is quicker than me, why doesn’t he pass??”

RS: “Fernando, why don’t you just pass Felipe?”

FA: “I can’t, I eez defending from Vettel”.

RS: “Felipe, Fernando can’t pass, he’s defending from Vettel”

FML: “So Vettel is quicker than eem?”

RS: “Fernando …. Felipe says that Vettel is quicker than you ….”

Sound of silence

FA: “Tell eem e can av Disco Ken …. “

A short time later, the two cars swapped positions and Fernando Alonso won the race (with Massa a not too distant second). Shortly after the podium presentations, Disco Ken was believed to on his way to Sao Paolo.

One comment

  1. Joe

    V. Funny – I thought you’d got a world scoop there for a minute – but everyone really knows it was Fernando’s Care Bare he really wanted.

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